xpath constraint for datetime attribute

Hi all, I have a table. My microflow is inserting data to this table at a 10 seconds interval. the table has an attribute called ‘DateEntry’, I want to write a xpath constraint so that only records inserted within the ‘Last 3 minutes’ to be shown.   How should i write the xpath constraint, please advise    thank you
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Hi Aaron,

I’m not sure if you can directly subtract 3 minutes within your XPath, but what you can do is to change your data source to microflow. In the microflow, create a date variable with the value addMinutes(‘[%CurrentDateTime%]’, -3) – let’s assume the variables name is CheckDate –  and then retrieve from the database with the XPath [DateEntry > $CheckDate] and return the list.

The downside of this approach is that you will have to refresh your page to get the new data...