Xpath Constraint over associated attributes

Hey all,  i am struggeling with the concept of xpath-constraints. Background: I have build an order-app which sends orders to our ERP-system. Part of the UI is for our salesforce. To support our salesforce with creating the order, i thought that the sales-history would be handy during the creation process. So: I ended up with 5 entities (relevant for this question) Customer entity Item entity Sales-history entity. Orderheader entity Orderline entity   The Sales-History entity has two relationships: Many-to-1 direction to the Item Entity, Many-to-1 direction to the Customer Entity   right now: when i create an orderline, i have come up with two solutions: Create listview with a Microflow as Datasource Retrieve Customer via Orderitem → orderheader → create list → retrieve saleshistory → fill list with sales history → List as input for the listview Create a listview with association as Datasource Generally like the microflow   Problem is that i cannot search,filter or sort these lists as they are loaded into memory and not from database and these actions are part of the user-requirements.    Then i tried to create a data-view with the saleshistory entity from database as source. However, i can only constrain on the attribute of that specific entity, and not on attributes of associated entitys (like customer-number or something) What am i missing?  
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Did you see the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/query-over#2-2-retrieving-the-parent-folder-from-a-folder Look at the 2.3 section.