Using XPath to select the right drop-down option

Hello,   I got the following user  interface with drop-down widgets:     When I select the city, in this case Berlin, I’d like to autoselect the right country for the second widget.    I got the following entitys:  Origin_City Name ID Country ID (ID to select the matching country Origin_Country Name Country_ID Data some data attributes   The widgets are in a container reffering to the data entity (is that important to know?). The data entity has a connection 1 – * to both other entitys but City and Country aren’t connected to each other separately.    My attempt was to select a XPath querry for the second widget that selects the right name for the matching Country_ID of the city. How can I do that?   Cheers    Edit:   My workflow looks like this:                                
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Place an on change microflow on your City selector.

In this microflow check if Data_OriginCity != empty, then if not empty  retrieve the Origin_City associated.

Then retrieve from database Origin_Country based on OriginCity.ID

Then set Data.Data_OriginCountry with the retrieved Origin_Country, be sure to select refresh in client.


If you do have the OriginCity_OriginCountry association, just retrieve Country over assocation.