for the approval of leave by the current manager through Xpath

I can’t Able to display the details of the employee who applied for the leave as its status as pending and I written the Xpath to retrive the objects associated with the current manager as following  the datagrid for the respected entity is as follows the domain model is 
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Hi Attar Dasthagir,

                          Could you confirm when Commit the object of Leave entity, did you mapped the correct entity type of Manager or Employee with that Leave object . For your reference, I will share the screenshots with your same domain model. 


I think the issue is not in your XPath query. I used the same Xpath query to display the pending leaves which are associated with the currently logged-in user.



Output:  In my case, the Currently logged-in User is Clara. She applied for the WFH leave. So when she logged in her to account, it will display all the pending leaves like this.

  I hope, it will help you.


Thanks and regards,

Vijayabharathi V


Hi Attar Dasthagir,

If you want the list of leaves objects that associated with the employee then the first step is you have to retrieve the employee object then you should retrieve employee associated leaves.