Multiple connected dropdowns

Hi,  Im trying to create an app that uses two dropdowns that are dependent to each other. I’m using two reference selectors for this.   1st reference selector displays all the areas.   2nd reference selector displays only the departments from the area you have chosen in the first reference selector.   How can i do this? Do i have to constraint the second reference selector? (if so, how)   Do i have to use a microflow that retrieve this data to the second reference selector? (if possible, i prefer not to)  
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Hi, you indeed have to constrain the second reference selector in the tab selectable object and choose Xpath, there you’ll find a path on were you can contrain (don’t forget to select the first reference otherwise it wil sho no data… good way to do this is to have conditional editability on the seond reference saying that the first reference is not empty):


Good luck !