Dynamic Xpath using JavaAction- using Xpath.create().

Hi, I’m trying to work on multi select filter functionality along with pagination, where I need to retrieve the data every time from database. For this, I have came across Xpath.create() in java action to create dynamic xpath. But the problem, I need to create an xpath using list and not with single string or object(Eg. Retrieve employees where city = ‘city1’ or city = ‘city2’ or city = ‘city3’ and department = ‘IT’ or department = ‘Functional’ or department = ‘Network’ ). I’m using the below code to retrieve using single attribute match.     public java.util.List<IMendixObject> executeAction() throws Exception     {         this.States = new java.util.ArrayList<risk.proxies.State>();         if (__States != null)             for (IMendixObject __StatesElement : __States)                 this.States.add(risk.proxies.State.initialize(getContext(), __StatesElement));         // BEGIN USER CODE         XPath<DC_Inventory> xpath = XPath.create(getContext(), DC_Inventory.class)                 .subconstraint( DC_Inventory.MemberNames.DC_Inventory_State , State.entityName )                     .eq( State.MemberNames.Name , this.StateVal )                     .close()             .addSortingAsc(DC_Inventory.MemberNames.ReportingMolecule);         List<IMendixObject> DCInventorData = xpath.allMendixObjects();         return DCInventorData;         //throw new com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException("Java action was not implemented");         // END USER CODE     } Can we do this using list of objects..?
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Hi Laxman,

Why not iterate over your list of objects and retrieve the results per object via your java action. Create a list to return beforehand, and in the iterator add the retrieved objects to your list with UNION to get a list of unique results.

I think this would perform better as well instead of an unknown number of OR statements.