Reference to a System variable

Hi All I have a requirement to constrain a list of objects (based on selected enumeration in '[%CurrentObject%]’ which is common between the two entities) and  referenced with the  '[%CurrentObject%]’ using a Reference Set Selector. Below is the domain model:   I have defined the association in reference set selector between CASE and CaseType   [Edit] Here is an example of a list of Case Type objects with Case Type Enumerations defined in the first column   However my frustration is that im unable to refer to the attributes of Current CASE object  and constrain the selectable "CaseType ” objects list by XPath using a system variable like '[%CurrentObject_CaseTypeENUM%]’ or  '[%CurrentObject%]’/CaseTypeENUM as syntax is invalid. The reference set selector also doesn't pass the Current Object from the Dataview into the select page. Please suggest a solution. Thanks in advance -Ajit
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Hey Ajit, Let me see If I understand it completely.

  1. You create CASE TYPE with ENUM
  2. You create CASES, which is associated with multiple CASE TYPE, but also has the same ENUM
  3. This means, 1 CASE and select the ENUM the CASE TYPE as “non-conformance”.
  4. Then you want to restrict all the CASE TYPE in your reference selector for the selected CASE TYPE under CASE


If yes, this is not possible with simple XPATH. You must use microflow, pass the current object and based on the case type filter the CASE TYPES and return it.