Distinct in XPath, multiple dropdowns from one entity

Hi All, I have a usecase that requires to have multiple dropdowns from a single entity (which is flat file data). In these dropdowns we need to filter out distinct values.Using XPath adding the distinct doesnot seem to be possible , I am using Datasource microflow for it. But I would like to ask is there a way we can filter out the distinct values in these dropdowns via Xpath. Also, for having these multiple dropdowns from one entity other than creating multiple associations to the entity from the calling entity is there any other suggestion?   Thank you in advance.  
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When you use a datasource microflow for your dropdown, the selection is limited to the list the microflow returns. You should be able to remove everything from the returned list that is not supposed to be selectable in your microflow. You can do that directly in an xpath retrieve or you can remove the objects from the list by using some other custom logic within the microflow.

To your second question: A dropdown is usually used for one selection. This can be setting an enum or setting an association. If you need multiple dropdowns, there must be a reason for that. So if this reason is valid, multiple associations do make sense. If you need multiple dropdowns to be able to associate multiple objects, a many to many association and a select page may are what you are looking for.