compare two enumerate values xpath

Hey all, I’m trying to constraint a list view for the user based on an enumerate value by using xpath. the user entity has an enumerate value attribute “Group” and the list shows an overview of the workshops entity. On this workshop entity i also have the same  enumerate value attribute “Group” defined. How would i need to write my xpath expression to only show workshops which match the enumerate value of the user entity?   Thanks
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Firstly, you should avoid creating a hybrid mobile app. This has been depreciated. Instead use a PWA 

Hybrid Mobile Apps Deprecation with Mendix 9 | Mendix

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve in your application. I am going to assume that Session is not System.Session. 

You do not need a data view around your list view. Nor do you need an input parameter to your microflow. Instead, use the Retrieve activity via database in the microflow and return the session lists.



Hi Eson, 

The scope of variables you can use is limited when using List View, XPath on a page.

Instead change the datasource to a Microflow. You can then use variables within your XPath expression something like the below: 







Hey Elliot,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have recently explored the possibility of using microflow as datasource but i run into this issue:

I’m making a hybrid mobile app. The page on which i have this list view is opened by using the navigation menu item button. It expects an object of the type which i have my list view in. This setup returns me this error.

I have no idea how i could pass the correct object in the menu bar item.