xpath constraint on list based on attribute match

Hi, I’m trying to set an xpath constraint on a list so that the logged in Attendee only sees objects in this list which match an attribute of the Attendee entity. This is the setup: - I have an entity “Sessions” with a string attribute “SessionGroup”. This can have a value from A to F which i import - I have an entity “Attendee” with the same string attribute “SessionGroup”. This can also have values from A to F which i import My list shows all the Sessions which i’ve added into the database. How would I have to set up my xpath for it to check if Sessions.SessionGroup = Attendee.SessionGroup and only show these items in the list for the logged in Attendee? This is what i have at the moment but it doesn’t return any values:  
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You cannot add anything (attributes) to the ‘[%CurrentUser%]’  (as far as I know)

Instead, you can create a Data Source microflow to retrieve the data. There you can access ‘$currentUser’ from which you can reference any attributes.