Performance issues with xPath Retrieve of a certain object

Hi community, we would like to retrieve a certain object from an entity, which holds up to 20.000 objects.  Right now we only have 4000 entries and we are already facing performance issues with xpath retrieves of a certain object. In a Microflow we use a retrieve action from database, select the first object and have in total 8-10 xpath contrains in it, which slow down the speed tremendously. One retrieve takes up to minutes. Also we considered the xpath best practices and did the following: Sorting the contrains by it’s restrictivity Adding indexes Summarizing the contrains whenever possible Is there a way to increase the performance of a retrieve e.g. using OQL? And if yes, how? I played around with the oql module but wasn't able to set up the retrieve correctly with all the filters based on associations. In the contrains we have to use a lot of associations due to the data structure and this can’t be changed. Many thanks!
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