DataGrid2 - XPATH

Hello, I would like to create a data source xpath constraint for data grid 2, where i can set the constraints basing on values delivered in the context. I created a dataview where a source microflow delivers my context object with values i want to use in xpath constraint. When i try to make the Xpath Query i can not access the context object attributes. How to do it? Thank you for a short example.
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Hi Michal,

You could use the XPath on the page in the following ways:

  • Compare attribute of type Enumerations with a value such as Status = ‘Submitted’
  • Compare boolean attributes as IsActive = true()
  • Compare associations as MyFirstModule.Object1_Object2 = '[%CurrentObject%]' (where current object is object 2)

Unfortunately you will not be able to match xpath constraints which compares attributes of your context object and the data grid entity. 

Hope this helps!