Filter DataGrid with List of Object Due Tomorrow

Hi,  I cannot find this answer to this (seemingly simple) question anywhere. I would like to filter by Xpath for a data grid to show all objects (Tasks in this case) that are due tomorrow. I have a Due Date that I would like to add one day to and see all tasks due the next calendar day.  What Xpath syntax would I use to achieve this? Thanks, anne
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This is not possible through the default filtering of datagrid. 

Filtering on datetimes is not easy in xpath alone, so I suggest creating a (non persistable) helper entity containing an enumeration that holds all possible filter values. 

Create this entity in a dataview on a page, and show the enumeration value. 

Place the datagrid below this attribute, and use microflow as datasource. 

This data source microflow should have the helper entity as input parameter, so that the current selected value of the enumeration is available. Then, within the data source microflow, you should create a datetime variable based on the selected enumeration. For instance: when enumeration 'tomorrow' is selected, use addDays([%BeginOfCurrentDay%], 1). Name this variable 'dateVar'. 

Use this variable to filter the data in a retrieve xpath action (example: [Date > $dateVar]

Return a list of the items for the datagrid to show on the page. 

On change of the enum attribute, call a microflow that refreshes the helper entity with a change activity, so that the datasource of the datagrid will be refreshed everytime the enumeration has changed.