XPath or Filter by Enumeration Value

I want to create a Task View that only displays tasks associated to a specific User Role. I   The attribute User Role Enumeration is located in the User Profile Entity (not the task entity) and I have an association between these 2 entities (Many to One between Tasks and User Profile respectively). For some reason the system is not recognizing this association when I am trying to execute the below.  I have tried all of the following but none of them work. What is the best way to filter a Data Grid or List View by Enumeration Value “User Role” that is within Entity User Profile. I have 7 different user roles that I want to create a Task View for in my app.    Data Grid by XPath – [MyFirstModule.Tasks_UserProfile_UserRole = 'hpm'] I get the error    Data Source by Association there is nothing to allow me to select   Database using constraints I can only select from Attributes in Entity “Tasks” 
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For your XPATH to work you must have something like below:

  1. Domain model 
    • Here I associated Task to UserProfile
    • In UserProfile I have entered User_Role Enum: values are ‘Employee’ and ‘Approver’
    • I have also associated UserProfile to Account, because I want to associate the User’s logging in with the UserProfile
    • in this whole context User_Role enum is not required, but for your understanding I added it. You must actually work with Project security user roles, module roles etc. 
  2. Data grid to show tasks for users with User_Role ‘Employee’. So it will show all tasks for Employees. Once again, this must be done with security not with ENUM


  • If you are properly doing it with User roles, the XPATH will look like: [MyFirstModule.Task_UserProfile/MyFirstModule.UserProfile/MyFirstModule.UserProfile_Account/Administration.Account/System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_Employee%]']