Filter list user based certain user roles

hello every one   i have multiple  user role in my app also an entity that generalize from System.User Called internalUser, when i try to use any of [ data Grid – reference selector – list view] and use  XPath in Data Source of them  if i let the XPath is Empty it return all user but when i use constrain [System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_ResourceUser%]'] it returns only my object however if i use Retrieve activity in Microflow and use the same constrain in its XPath it returns all user with that user role  i can not understand why it works in microflow and not in data source XPath  
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This has to do with access rights on System module level. A XPath constraint will be evaluated in the user access right context. And a user can only access it's own user role. And thus filtering in XPath on other roles is not possible.

While using a datasource microflow, the user entity access is bypassed by default and thus all roles can be evaluated.

But not sure for which function and role you need this feature. Using Sytem.User and user roles should be limited to the Application (backend master guru) administrator and not be used in ANY other user process other then authentication and validation of the user it self.