Getting reference via client

Hi all, I’ve been attempting multiple methods to obtain the references of an object via a javascript action but haven’t had much luck so far. My use case is as follows: I’ve passed into the javascript action the AVV object and from this I would like to get a list of FixedAssets associated with that object.  I’ve attempted the following so far:    const fixedAssets ={         guid: aVV.getGuid(),         callback: function(avv) {   "Using get")   'FixedAsset_Avv')); // works! to prove that I am getting the object     "Using getChildren")             var testChildren = avv.getChildren("OneERP.FixedAsset_Avv");    // results == 0     "Using getReferences")             var testRef = avv.getReferences("OneERP.FixedAsset_Avv");   ; // result == 0     "Using fetch");             var testFetch = avv.fetch("OneERP.FixedAsset_Avv", function(teFe) {})   ; // result == 0         }     }) Additionally, I have attempted going through via the XPath method which got me all FixedAsset objects in the database but I’m finding the documentation here (Mendix 9 Client Documentation: Namespace: data) not very easy to understand. This forum post (Mendix Forum - Questions ( hints at how to use the reference filter but I’m still not sure how to use the aVV as a reference. (note: aVV is passed in as a parameter, avv is the result of the callback in the previous attempts).      const test ={         xpath: "//OneERP.FixedAsset",         filter: {             references: {"OneERP.FixedAsset_Avv": {aVV}}         },         callback: function(objs) {   ;         }     }); Any help would be much appreciated. Btw, it’s not shown here but the two objects are located in 2 different modules. AVV in Main and FixedAsset in OneERP.  Thanks, Andrew  
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