Assign and filter to different users

Hi , I  am working on an onboarding application. I want CEO (role) to assign a particular project to a Manager (role), at the time of project creation by CEO. After that when a manager logs in, he can only view the list of projects assigned to him. Below is the image of domain model. Please help me with the steps.  
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Hi Arpita,


Happy to help :).

First of all you need an association between project and manager. I assume a manager can manage multiple projects? In that case, I would suggest a 1-* association between maanger and project. Secondly, in the entity access, you need to set a role-based restriction to the manager for the projects associated to him/her. You can find this by clicking on an enitty, go to access rules, click on a userrole and choose the second tab ‘Xpath constraint’. Third, on the home page of the manager, you need to add a listview/datagrid  with entity ‘Projects'. Now the manager will only see the projects that are assigned to him/her.


Good luck Arpita! Hope this helps.