Constraint only show certain User Roles in data grid 1 Dropdown

That sounds like a really easy question but it just doesn’t work.  I want to filter a data grid 1 using a Dropdown to see only Tasks a specific Employee works on. The App has Employee and Customer UserRoles.  If an Employee starts working on a Task, they are linked. That Association is used to filter. The filtering works fine.   Now I only want to see Users with the User Role “Employee” in the dropdown. To do that I put in the following Constraint:  [System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_Employee%]']   If I do that I can only see the Employee which is logged in. If I leave it blank I can see all Users. Does anybody has an Idea how to fix that?
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In the project security settings Mendix limits access, which user roles can be managed by another user. So this may be the reason, why you are not able to filter user accounts based on the user role.

If this is the case, an alternative might be to add a UserType enumeration to the user account.