Question: Xpath constraint - matching two attributes from different entities

Hello everyone, i have two modules “ProjectControls” and “Administration” with the respective entities “Task” and “Account”. I try to set up a datagrid that only shows tasks of the current logged in user. This is possible by connecting the current Account with its e-mail (attribute) to the e-mail attribute in the “Task” entity. I have created an association between the two entities, but it still does not display the right data.    The xpath-constraint looks like this: [ProjectControls.Task_Account/Administration.Account/Email = Email]   The data grid is wrapped around a dataview that retrieves the current Account of the user.   I have achieved my desired results by setting the data grid up with a microflow, but then I lose the search functionalities. Anyone know what my problem is? Any help is appreciated. I cannot work with the %CurrentUser token since my matching attribute is only the email adress …   Thank you Markus
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Hi Markus, 

If you want to retrieve the tasks for the currently logged in user, I don’t see why you can’t use the %CurrentUser token:

[ProjectControls.Task_Account = '[%CurrentUser%]']