Mismatched input - Xpath

Hi all, I’m trying to constrain some data I’m retrieving from the database using xpath. Comparing if an object in the table has the same date value as a the date in an object created by the client. However when I try to access the date from the data I’m retrieving it gives me the following error:   This is my domain model for reference: Thanks
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Hi Dylan,

The xPath you are using is not correct. I think it should be $Booking/Bookingsystem.Booking_Timeslot/Bookingsystem.Booking/Date.

Try setting a '/’ after booking_timslot and pressing control + space. This will give suggested possibilities and will guide you.

Hope this helps!


Use Ctrl+Space to have autocompletion help you out:

  • Remove “.Date”
  • Type “/”
  • Press Ctrl+Space

You will find that it autocompletes to “Booking”

Again add “/’ and Ctrl-Space might suggest “Booking.createdDate” if you have set that tickmark at entity Booking.