How to get data from any many association in document templte

Hi all, Please help me in one issue. I am working on one project. They want one report in word file. I used document template for it. Example: application has two entity case detail and and it has m to m association with account entity. In document template I used dataview and added a case detail entity to it. I am getting all data correct but when I try to get m to m associated data can’t able to get it the association is not visible at the time of selection the attribute. What can I do with this. Thanks in advanced
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Hi Priyanka Sawant,


You cannot use data view to display multiple objects, instead use datagrid inside the dataview to show the associated objects.




I might be misreading here but if it is a many association from that dataview you only can use a grid in the document. Because how would it know what to show? If you want a specific object from that list you would need a datasource microflow where you decide the object to return. Or use an XPath to show only those objects but then it is still a grid.