How to write xpath to fetch data from association

Hello everyone,  I want your help. I have a two entity department and skill. They both share one to many association. And skill entity has m to m relationship with administration.Account entity and department has one to many association with administration.Account entity. Now I am selecting a skill from one page. But my issues is skill only display according to current login users department. For example I login and I have a department sale(department vary from person to person) so I can see only skills from my department. I have used reference selector and in it show a one page but when I used microflow I can't add select button and if used xpath I don't understand how to write xpath for this conditions. Please help me in it. I tried to explain the situation.  Thank in advance
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Hi Priyanka,


Hopefully someone can help. If possible, can you create a video or a demo of your problem as a guide? You can attach the link to help us understand a bit better.