Association between e entities is compared with [%CurrentObject%]

Hello, For example, there are 2 entities A and B and there is a association between named A_B. In one of the data grid I want to see associated data (A and B). So, in data grid, used Xpath as data source and in xpath put condition that [A_B=[%CurrentObject%]'].   What does this statement mean?   thank you
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Hi Trishla,

In this case [%CurrentObject%] is a token representing the id of the parent entity. Let's assume this is A.

Your datagrid for B objects is inside of a dataview containing an A object, the “CurrentObject” refers to this containing A object.


The statement [A_B=[%CurrentObject%]] could be translated to:

Retrieve all B objects for which its association A_B is equal to the id of the object A from the containing dataview.