Visibility only when User is Admin

Hello,   I want to change the visibility for a button that only users which are the owner or when they are admin can see the Button.   I tried this: $currentObject/System.owner=[%CurrentUser%] or [%CurrentUser%]= System.Administrator   and also this   [%CurrentUser%]=  '[%UserRole_Administrator%]']   Nothing works. This is my Role definition:
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Hello Fabian


What you need is for your user entity to have an association with Administration.Account or to set its a generalization to “Administration.Account”


Your page will have two versions of the same button e.g.


One of the buttons will handle the owner condition and will have a visibility similar to the following:

  • If the entity has an association with Administration.Account

  •  If the entity’s generalization is set to Administration.Account


And the other button will handle the condition of being an administrator and it should be like


It's not the prettiest solution, but an option would be to determine visibility with a DS microflow that returns a helper object with a boolean. Note that visibility alone is not equal to security, so in the microflow behind the button I would do another check to make sure the user has the correct role / ownership.