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Hello, in my Domain Model, when the user creates a “Projekt” he can select several “Fahrwerksbezeichnungen”, that should be associated. “Project” is associated with “PDruckstand” over another Entity called “Bauteil”.  When the User then wants to create a “PDruckstand” he only should be able to select those “Fahrwerksbezeichnung” that also associated with the “Projekt” that is associated with the “PDruckstand”.   Here is the Domain Model. Is this possible with just those associations and if so, what do i need to do ?   kind regards
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From PDruckstand to Bauteil to Project you find the Projekt you are interested in. You will retrieve a list of Fahrwerksbezeichnung to select from. This is also the route for the XPath. If the XPath is getting too complex consider a Microflow as the data source (But XPath is better from a performance perspective I believe)


If you want to use it on a Page:

Your outside Data view of object PDruckstand will contain a Data view of object type Bauteil that contains a Data view of object type Projekt. In there you can put a Reference set selector to choose the Fahrwerksbezeichnung you need.  The save button should be in the  Data view of object PDruckstand.


If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for some additional help.


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I found a solution.

I use a seferenceSelector on the page where the selectable objects a determined by a microflow that retrievies the Fahrwerksbezeichnungen  by asociations.


Thanks for the help.