How to check that certain value lies in min and max value range

Hello,   I want to check whether the amount I am requesting lies in the bank’s range. As in certain banks have predefined their min and max amount values and if a customer is requesting for an amount, how can i check for that.I need to check whether it is in range or not.    
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If you have multiple banks, it would make sense to store the values in an entity so you can search for the bank and retrieve the max and min values from attributes in that entity.

Once you have them you can use a decision split to check the value lies between the max and min values. For example, if you have retrieved a Bank object that has attributes MinValue and MaxValue you can check that $Value falls in that range using the following...

$Value >= $Bank/MinValue and $Value <= $Bank/MaxValue

I hope this helps.




 You can define constants for Min and Max Value and check if the value lies in the range or not . This way you can always change the range in future also

for example 


if $Sample/Amount >= @Test.Min and $Sample/Amount <= @Test.max 
then true