Can anyone help me to understand how does Xpath works behind the scenes in mendix application? Please xplain me in your own words and do not post the link to mendix docs

I was going through XPath docs but I am not able to understand how does Xpath works behind the scenes?
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In the retrieve-activity xpath only is the restriction of the objects to retrieve

If the xpath follows any association, like:

[ServiceCalendarv1.Calendar_Consumer/ServiceCalendarv1.Calendar = $Calendar]

than it converts the association to follow the database-link from the first entity, to the association table, and from the association table to the second entity. Have a look at the database by opening pgadmin or the internal database editor (Console → Advanced → Start built in database viewer (a HSQL database)) and look at System.User, System.User_TimeZone and System.TimeZone.


It also allows for restricting per entity like: