Filer the data with the selected date

Hi all i have a list i that i have years of data with different that list we have datatime attribute now  i have the requirement like i have a entity called ‘’A’’ in that (datetime) attribute called Month where i have to give the input of the date now i have to take the 1 year data for ex: i have given 01-10-2021 dynamically in the month attribute now i have to get the data from 01-10-2021 to 30-09-2022 the year of data. for this  i have created variable called start date ($entityA/Month) after how i can filter the date with the given date dynamically anyone can help me out?
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Hey Anjineyulu,

You can refer to my blog, where I have explained there, how to make it,

you can refer to the link below and make the custom filter,

Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!