Why do similar Xpath constraints in the learning path look different?

I’m going through the “Constrain Your Data Using XPath” learning path and I have a question related to this page. There are 2 steps where we write entity access constraints for users who submit vacation requests, and managers who approve them. These constraints are very similar but why in one case we start the expression from the module name [VacationManagement.VacationRequest_Submitter='[%CurrentUser%]'] and in another case from the entity name [VacationRequest.VacationRequest_Approver='[%CurrentUser%]'] ? 
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What I can see from the xpath is you’re trying to retrieve a VacationRequest entity querying its relation with the Submitter entity from the “VacationManagement” module and for the second xpath you’re trying to retrieve the same entity querying the Approver from the “VacationRequest” module.


You may have something like this in your project:


Module VacationManagement has the Submitter entity 

Module VacationRequest has the Approver entity 

And we can not tell where the module the VacationRequest entity is from. But I’d guess it’s also from the VacationRequest module.