Greeting message based on time and user name

{'Good ' + (if [%CurrentDateTime%] < addHours([%BeginOfCurrentDay%], 12) then 'morning' else if [%CurrentDateTime%] < addHours([%BeginOfCurrentDay%], 18) then 'afternoon' else 'evening')} {FirstName} FirstName: Attribute of User entity written as {1}{2} in editor Hi Guys, I’m trying to implement a functionality where I want to show a greeting message “Good Morning, John”. I was able to implement logic for changing greeting message from “good morning to good afternoon” but problem is when I print John in front of it using an attribute or an expression the entire line disappears and prints nothing on screen. the mendix console also does not show any errors.  If I try to print only the greeting “Good Morning” or whatever then it prints succesfully BUT If I try to print both(Greeting + Name) of them together it does’nt print any of them. & Also if I put them into different text widgets still same issue. Can someone please guide me to resolve this issue.
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I suspect this is a permissions issue on the User entity.  If the logged in person does not have access to view the User entity for the person whose name you are trying to add to the message, the First Name will be null, which will make the entire text screen null.  See this page in the documentation for information about granting management permissions to different user roles: