xpath in datasource doesnt know max function(min, avg, count function either).

  Hi, experts,  I try to use max function in xpath with mendix studio pro 9.12.6 in this way in a datasource:   But I get error : unknown function max.    We thought it might be because document said max need to be applied to a numeric attribute.   I then tried to call max on another numeric  attribute. But  the max function still unknown.  Any one get idea on why max() is not recognized?  Does mendix really support max() in xpath?  Thanks for any answering.  
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On this page in the documentation you will see all of the functions that can be used in an Xpath Constraint:  https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/xpath-constraint-functions/  Max is not on this list, so it cannot be used in Xpath constraints.


Xpath aggregate functions can be used only in Java actions – Max is one of these.  https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/xpath-aggregate-functions/


Hope that helps.