How to filter out Programs to specific Company

Hi, I am currently working on a bug bounty website. That registers companies, which then every company can create different programs for researchers to register to.    However, after the researcher registeres to specific program, how I can display the researcher report for that program to the company that hosted it.  I know I should use XPath to filter them out, but would appreciate the help on how to filter it out.  My current domain model:    
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Hi Omar Al Hajri,

You can do the filtering in two ways :

  1. Add Entity level Xpath 
  2. Use Xpath in the List view


Add Xpath constraint to the bug Report entity and select Path to user option and select your xpath.

Xpath in my case: [ForumQuestions.BugReport_Program/ForumQuestions.Program/ForumQuestions.Program_Company_Forum='[%CurrentUser%]']

By this method, you do not need to  add any xpath in your list view .

Check this link for more information:


Add a List view/Datagrid and add connect it with your Bug report entity.


Add a list view and add this xpath :[ForumQuestions.BugReport_Program/ForumQuestions.Program/ForumQuestions.Program_Company_Forum/ForumQuestions.Company_Forum/id=$currentUser]


This Xpath will show all the Bug reports associated with logged-in user.

In your case, the Entity names should be changed. Hope this helps!!