Show data based on logged-in User.

Current Scenario: Our landing page/home page shows huge amount of data without any filter. We are currently using Data Grid with the search and export feature. All users are able to see all data there is no restriction. Table Name : DocumentIdentifier.   New Development: We want to show data in the landing page/home page based on one or more category assigned to each user who logs in (for which we have built another UI Table Name : UserCategoryMapping.).   I could think of two approaches. One is using microflow as datasource and the other is using xpath.   I have achieved using microflow as the datasource but that is taking away my search functionalities.   I tried using Xpath as datasource after doing associations with system.user but my homepage is blank. Am I missing something ?   I have attached the xpath and the domain model.          
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Hi Subhojit,


If you want to show DocumentIdentifier objects for a speficic user on a page I would recommend applying Entity Access on your DocumentIdentifier entity. This is a more secure way to ensure users will only see the objects they are granted to.


Your Entity Access would look something like this [GlobalTracker.DocumentIdentifier_UserCategoryMapping/GlobalTracker.UserCategoryMapping/GlobalTracker.UserCategoryMapping_User =  [%CurrentUser%]]


Once you have set your entity access correctly, you don't need any Xpaths or Data Source Microflow on your datagrid. 


Hope this helps!