how to put different value of same attribute in a same form???

i have entity Employee who has attribute like Id, Name and Email. i have request to send which is sent by intiator to approver 1 , Approver 2 and Approver 3 that all approver from same Employee Entity but with different Email id. While filling the Request form i have Attribute like Approver 1 , approver 2 and approver 3 which default value is Email id Which inherite form  entity Employee and Attribute Emailid. problem is when i put Approver 1 Email id onther both will automatacaly filled with same. i want to put different email id in that how it will possible??? please guide me….
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Your question is a bit difficult to understand, but do you mean you want to connect 3 different Approvers to an Employee entity? If this is the case, you have to create 3 different attributes or associations for the 3 Approvers.

  • If you have an Approver Entity, you can add 3 different associations, for example: Employee_Approver1, Employee_Approver2, Employee_Approver3
  • If you use just attributes you could create 3 attributes: Approver1, Approver2 and Approver3.

Then in your form you show 3 fields that all connect to the corresponding Approvers.


Hope this helps!


Please add picture of your domain model & the attributes of employee...maybe that makes things more clear. 

It sound slike your are trying to solve somethings with ID"s that I would solve with 3 associations from employee to employee.  Employee_Employee_Approver1,