List Operators in Expression

Hi Mendix Community,   TL;DR: is it possible to check in expression if object (in my case [%CurrentUser]) is in the list which I get from association of the object?    Longer explanation: I have entities Event and User and *-* association which is called Event_Admin. If the user selected as administrator of the event, I set in the Event entity User over this association. In the overview page I have list of Events and Pop Up Menu with Edit Event link, which I want to be visible only when if currentUser is administrator of the event, i.e. if the list of Users in the specific Event Object ($currentObject) over association Event_Admin contains [%CurrentUser%].    Many thanks 
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Hi Miro

If i understand correctly you want to show only the events for which the currentUser is Admin. The below Xpath expression should constrain the Events list: