How to show the data on the basis of user logged in role

I am trying to build a portal in which i need to show the records to the person who matches the unit. Suppose I am the person going to use the portal, and my UNIT is CTO1 then i should be only viewing CTO1 records. No other records should be visible to me.    Till now i have created few roles such as Administrator, User and created few role CTO1 and CTO2 gave the permission same as User.    Now, i have AllRecords page, where iam using Xpath to get the records, but i have to hardcode the value to get the respective records.  I want it be dynamic.     
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Hi Prince, the best way to achieve this, is by using entity access. If you associate both the record and the person to the unit you're mentioning, you can write a dynamic xPath constraint to show records of a certain unit, as long as the unit is also connected to the logged-in user.


Hopefully, this helps. Otherwise, you might want to share a screenshot of your impacted domain models so we can help you further.