XPaths in microflows

Hi, can anyone help me with the below question, Where can we utilize XPaths in microflows?
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Hi Jasena,

In microflows, XPaths can be utilized in various ways to manipulate and retrieve data.


  • Retrieve Objects: XPaths help us specify filters and conditions when fetching objects from the database in a microflow. They allow us to fetch specific objects based on their attribute values.
  • Looping and Iteration: XPaths can be used in loops within microflows to go through a list of objects and perform actions based on certain conditions defined by XPaths.
  • Attribute Access: XPaths help us access and change attribute values of objects in a microflow. For example, we can use an XPath to get or set the value of an attribute on an object.
  • Association Traversal: XPaths enable us to navigate between different entities and retrieve related objects. This allows us to access and work with data from associated entities within a microflow.
  • Aggregations: XPaths can be used in aggregate functions within microflows to perform calculations or fetch aggregated data based on specific conditions defined by XPaths.
  • Validation: XPaths can be used to check conditions and validate data in a microflow to ensure it meets certain business rules. 

Refer the below link for for xpath documentation




Hope it helps!!!


While XPath is a full query expression including an entity.


In Mendix you usually only enter the XPath constraints, e.g. on a retrieve action for entity Customer, you enter only


I know that this may be a bit confusing when beginning with Mendix.