Retrieve Not Generalised Objects

Say I have:   - Entity A - Entity B which is a generalisation of A.   I have a list of Entity A and want to find all of Entity A that does not have generalisation of itself as Entity B.   As in, I have a list of Entity A and want to make sure they all have the generalisation existing of B.     EDIT: Method I went with using the accepted answer.
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Hey Adam,
If I get you right, you can use the list operation " Subtract" to check if the objects in Entity A don’t have Objects in Entity B.


Hi Adam,


  1. add a loop on the list Entity A,
  2. put inside the loop an Object Type Decision 
  3. add the object you want to a new list


you can follow this path to create a list of only entity B’s objects or with only A.


this is an simple example:

At the end, you will have two different list one with only EntityA objects and one with EntityB objects 


let me know if it works :)