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Hi everyone,   I am trying to add custom URL’s to my pages but keep running into issues. The page parameter is an entity called  “Trial” and I want the URL to be specific to that trial’s attribute “title”. I have provided a screenshot of what I have added into the properties, however I keep receiving the same error: “the URL property of this page must end with “/{Id}” segment because the page contains a data view which expects a parameter. I thought I added the correct page parameter and atribute? And then if I just add “Id” to the end of what I had written in the screenshot, I get a different error stating “The url of the page contains invalid characters. Only alpha-numeric characters, underscore, dash, and dot are allowed”.  Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I have been following this documentation:  
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In the sidebar I see you are using Mendix version 9.14.2, the guide you reference is for Mendix 10.

If you see go to the Mendix 9 refguide you will see that, sadly, this isn't supported yet in Mendix 9:


If you can't upgrade yet but need this functionality you can consider using deeplinks which will be the closest to above solution.