Getting A Day of Current Month

I'm making a validation microflow. How to check if current time aka [%CurrentDateTime%]  is greater than 12th day of current month? Thanks in advance.
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Without the single quotes around the currentdate:

By the way, I do hope that your application’s users are all located in the same timezone, and not using trickery like setting up a VPN-connection mimicking themselfs to be located in another timezone. If not, great, no problem, but if they are in different timezones, your users will get different behavior in different locations. A user in Australia, having passed the datezone and is now on day one of the next month, gets refused since current day is 1, which is less then 12, so: false. So he sets up a vpn mimicking himself to be in Texas (looking at your profile, this might be where you are at too) and all of a sudden his currentDate is still on the last day of the previous month. Now his day is >12 and he goes to true.




Hi Ayberk,


you can use the formatDateTime functionality to achieve that. E.g., formatDateTime([%CurrentDateTime%], ‘d’)


d = day of the month


Have a look at the documentation to see the details:





You could use the formatDateTime function 


This expression will return the day of the month as integer of currentDateTime

ParseInteger(formatDateTime('[%CurrentDateTime'%]', 'd'))