Get data in a quantity

hi guys,   how can i get retrieve data inside listview wherein for on this required quantity.   thank you
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In the general tab on List Views, you can select the page size. The page size will be the maximum number of objects that will be retrieved. A page size on 10 will present you 10 objects, which is called a batch. If you want to see the next batch (the next 10 items), Mendix creates a pagination that the user can click.

Another alternative is to retrieve using a microflow, there you can use a retrieve activity and select Custom in Options. Set the Offset to the number of objects you want to skip. And the Amount to the number of objects you want to retrieve.


Hi Jetison,

One way to obtain additional information about an object (associations or data from microflows) inside the list view is to add a dataview inside such as this:

In that case I have setup the data source of the dataview to be “Context”, this way you could retrieve additional information that you require from that Entity (such as associations), I hope that helps you regards!