I have two page parameters, how to determine which one is associated with [%CurrentObject%]

Hi,   Can I determine which page parameter I want to refer to as '[%CurrentObject%]']?   I have a page that gets two parameters from a microflow: Entity A and B   I want to pull into a Data Grid all the entity C records associated with Entity B records through Entity A. The datasource of the data grid is Entity C with X Path (see below). When I do not have A parameter in the page it works but as soon as I add A parameter it does not. My associations are: A refers to B and C with many to 1 relations (pic below) and my Xpath is: [CRM.A_C/CRM.A/CRM.A_B = '[%CurrentObject%]']     Thanks in advance!
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I figuered it out, I had to place the data grid inside a data view… In this case I can choose which parameter is the currentopbject…