xpath date to search the same date

i tried to retrieve the same date of what user datepicker put in but it always turns empty (even when theres the same date) i tried to put xpath like the image below in the retrieve microflow to show list the same date , so when the user pickdate it will call onchange microflow change the searchdate object (with refresh in client) and then the microflow to make decision whether the datetime field is empty or not is run and when the  microflow flow to datetime is not empty it will retrieve the list with xpath like below, but it always never showed up, pleasehelp
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In your microflow create a DateTime variable and set the value as 

addSeconds(addDays($SearchDate/SearchDate,1),-1) give the variable name as ToDate


and change he XPath to

created_at >= $SearchDate/SearchDate and created_at <= $ToDate