Check for ovelaping start and end dates between requests

Hello,   I have a form where I can submit a request where I input a separate start and end date. Now I want to add a validation that would not allow me to submit a request if the start or end dates are matching and overlapping with an existing request.   So for example if I have a request with start date 11/10, end date 11/15, it should not allow me to submit a request that has a start or end date that is matching with either existing start/end dates, as well as if the new request dates are between 11/10-11/15, for example start or end date would be 11/12, it shouldn't allow to submit such a request.   I tried using the below xpath: new request EndDate>IteratorStartDate and new request StartDate<IteratorEndDate   also many extra validations like new request start date = iterator start date, new request end date = iterator end date and so on but it doesn't work as expected.   Perhaps anyone has encountered such a use case?   Thank you!    
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