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Can some explain me a bit about XPath in a very simple way so that i can  be able to understand it.
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Hi Ronak,


XPath is one query language that is designed to retrieve specific data. For example, when retrieving Employees from an Employee Entity, you may not want to retrieve all of the records (because the performance cost may be high, or you possibly only want specific Employees).


For this example, you can use XPath to retrieve all of the Employees that meet a certain condition, for example, if you want to only see Employees that have an Age below 30 years, you would use the XPath (this depends on your Domain Model and your Entity):

[Age < 30]


Using that XPath you can retrieve only the Employees that have an age below 30. There are more uses to XPath, and for this I recommend:


I hope that information helps you, best regards!