Get the total amout of entires for specfic time range

Hi, I am wanting to query the total amount of database entries for on project and a defined time range. With OQL it's easy to get the data. But I don't know how to realize this database query with xpath. My approach is, to use the retrieve action in a microflow and query the data for the selected project and time range. But in this case, I need only the total number of concerning datapoints. I know you can aggregate data with a xpath query, like count(). But I don't now where can I use this option? This option will not work with the retrieve action. Is there a solution to query the total amount of concerning datapoints within a microflow with xpath?   Thanks and regards Ingo  
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Hello Ingo,


If I understand you correctly you want to count the number of records within a specfic time range and linked to a specific project, you can do a set up like this within the microflow, where you retrieve your records based on your xpath and then count the list. 




Benefit is that Mendix optimizes this action when you do not use the specific list later in your flow mendix just gives back the count :-) . 


More info can be found here: