Xpath contains string xx.xx

Hello, I try to constrain all items that contain 'xx.xx' over xpath. With [contains(DescriptionAPL,'xx/.xx')], it will also retrieve the 'xxx.xxx' items which is not my goal. I tried also to write [contains(DescriptionAPL,'xx/.xx')] but it returned no items. How to write the search string correctly ? Thank you  
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Two options:


  1. Most elegant: Use the IsMatch function, so create your regular expression that will only allow for xx.xx. Use stackoverflow.com for finding the right regex for this and test it on for instance regex101.com
  2. Other less elegant, less performing option: In XPath do 3 contains checks ;
    1. one check on contains xx.xx
    2. one check on not(contains(xx.xxx))
    3. one check on not(contains(xxx.xx))