Way to get from SQL to either Xpath or OQL?

We are currently using OutSystems but looking to move to Mendix. In a few cases, mainly reports, we have written custom SQL using CTE and a few other tricks to bring load time down. Obviously the databases are going to be different but does anyone have any suggestions for "translating" SQL either to Xpath or OQL? Yes, I understand it won't work out of the box but looking to see if anyone has any suggestions who has tried to do this in the past.
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First of all nice to know the switch decision :)

So ideally if you have SQL written then change the names of those entities with respect to what you have in mendix. Now the trouble is you may have to bring in JOINs on associated tables which will get created when you draw mendix relationships.


Not exactly sure if we have a built in tool to do this. Also from another angle by moving to mendix you may have optimizations done already if you apply your knowledge from the pitfalls that you encounted in the old platform and do your domain model and relationships properly in mendix.