Showing different attributes of 1-1 associated object gives enormous loading time

hi all,   I want to show 40 objects in a data grid (in a caller data view). But when I try to open the single object data view wherein the data grid is placed, the browser freeze. All browsers. After a while I get in n chome a general message that the the scrip is not functioning anymore. Because of this I am not able to use the inspector to see the browser errors. One screen before there is nothing remarkable, nor in browser nor in the logging.   I notice that the JAVA consuming a lot (25%) of the local memory, so I expect that the jave fall into a deadlock or so. The loaded objects of the data grid are made in a loop, would this cause any trouble? So I am wondering what you guys could advice me to debug/solve this error.   In Firefox i got this message: unreachable code after return statement[Meer info]  mxui.js:29:809093 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest op de hoofdthread wordt niet meer ondersteund vanwege de nadelige effecten op de eindgebruikerservaring. Zie voor meer informatie  mxui.js:21:139448 unreachable code after return statement[Meer info]  mxui.js:29:809093 CKEDITOR SCRIPT LOADING.  ckeditor.js:3:5 TypeError: mx.processor is undefined[Meer info]  mxui.js:36:5 Gebruik van getAttributeNode() wordt niet meer ondersteund. Gebruik in plaats daarvan getAttribute().  mxui.js:21:93047 Gebruik van getPreventDefault() wordt niet meer ondersteund. Gebruik in plaats daarvan defaultPrevented.  sprintrfeedback.js:30:3869 DEPRECATED: The originating page should be passed to as 'origin' instead of 'store.caller' -- will be removed in version: 8.0   EDIT:. I found now the cause; the 1-1 association. When I dont show the object from this association the data grid is loaded without problems. So what could cause a lot of loading time for 1-1 association?       
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Are there (complex) access rules on the associated entity? I have seen this behaviour when showing related attributes with XPathconstrained access rules