Mendix show data from 3 tables on the screen

So far when i want to show data from more than 1 entities, i am using data view for one entity and giving two buttons in which i open  a pop up to show other entity data. For example i have 3 entities named Application,Job and Faculty. I want to all applications and their corresponding Faculty attributes. Application and Job are linked one job many applications and Faculty and Job are linked one Faculty many jobs, any ideas how to do this efficienlty  
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You can accomplish this by using a datagrid. Depending on how your domain model is setup, you would pick one data source (in this case I think its Application), and then you can add columns to the datagrid and choose to display attributes through the associated entities (in htis case job and faculty) 


Here's a screenshot with an example. If you can show a screenshot of your domain model, I can provide a better screenshot example. 



When you select the attribute for the new column, make sure to pick the attribute that goes through the association you want. 




This is what your datagrid can look like. The data source of it should be application and then you can display attributes from "Job" and "faculty" through there associations.



Hope this helps


Can it be that you run into problems because you use both the Mendix Domain logic (regular X_Y-tables) and some custom relation-logic using all the _ID-attributes?